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Offence Clicking for Kings

Nov 16, 2015

The Kingsville Kings remain undefeated and tops in the GMHL through the first half of November. The latest victory was a scoring record for Kingsville who pounded 18 goals past the Norfolk Vikings. The final was 18-2 for the Kings.

All parts of the Kings lineup contributed in the match. First star of the game was Ludwig Niederbach with 6 points. He was followed by Ivan Hodulov with 6 of his own and Dan Leach with 5 points.

Scorers included: Niederbach 3, Hodulov 2, Leach 2, Naida 2, Darrah 3, Gruszka 2, Havelka, Matyi, Henderson and Szekesy.

The next match for the Kings takes place on the road in London. London gave Kingsville the closest match of the year just a few weeks ago . The game takes place Friday, Nov 20 in London.